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  • By The Ball
  • 01 Nov, 2016

Don't drink and drive!

2016 Staycation deal for Champagne Ball
In an effort to make your evening more memorable and care-free, the Hilton has, once again, graciously set aside a block of rooms exclusively for Champagne Ball attendees.

Those wishing to stay over at the Hilton can enjoy the following offer:

  • ¥20,000 (JPY) for a Hilton Room at single occupancy that is inclusive of Service Charge and Tax and includes breakfast at Brasserie, The Terrace 2F. 
  • Plus ¥5,000 (JPY) per additional guest, maximum of two (for triple occupancy) all inclusive with breakfast.
Brasserie, The Terrace at Hilton, Nagoya
This deal is not available on the Hilton website or other regular reservation channels. Interested persons should get in touch with us at  and we will put them in touch with the appropriate Hilton staff. The number of rooms available is limited, so act fast to reserve yours!

Remember...don't drink and drive!
By The Ball 07 Nov, 2017
The Hilton is, after all, a hotel!

So, not only can you enjoy the plush surroundings of the Oogi Ballroom and 5th-floor foyer, you can pamper yourself through the night in the comfort of a Hilton room, and luxuriate over a delicious breakfast, with this special Champagne Ball Stay Package !
By The Ball 06 Nov, 2017
We are always grateful to our airline sponsors who help make our raffle extra exciting. Add to that, the fact that 100% of the raffle proceeds goes to charity, having these high-value prizes leads to more raffle ticket sales, which raises more money for local children’s charities.
By The Ball 19 Oct, 2017

Premium entertainment has been booked for the Champagne Ball to be held on Friday, November 17, 2017 at the Hilton Nagoya.

In keeping with the Ball’s tradition of celebrating the international community – centered around the United States, Canada, and Japan – our lineup draws on great local and U.S. talent delivering musical content that is relevant to Canada.
By The Ball 21 Jun, 2017

Plans are well underway for the 2017 Champagne Ball and Awards Evening!

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation - just a baby, but worth celebrating all the same. In honour  of the milestone, we have decided to showcase Canada at the 12th annual Champagne Ball and Awards Evening .

By The Ball 10 Nov, 2016
The 2016 Champagne Ball will be a virtual trip around the world as we celebrate Nagoya’s five sister cities. Many of the raffle prizes will help to extend the international experience for a handful of lucky winners.

We are always grateful to our airline prize sponsors who are back this year with offers enabling two lucky couples to find their way to warmer climes.
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